Triplebyte Entry Level Quiz [Part 2 in series]. 80th-100th percentile, no externship

On June 3, 2020, Triplebyte announced their new Externship Program for students who lost their internships from the COVID-19 problem. These Externships aren’t as well paid as actual internships, but their remote, about ~6 weeks or so in length, and not a bad way at all to gain experience.

In the last article, I passed the Triplebyte Generalist quiz with 60-80th percentile, and “failed” the FastTrack on-site program with 40th-60th percentile in a 2-hour-long automated interview. For this Externship program, you get to take the new “Entry-Level Generalist” quiz instead of the full Generalist. I decided, why not try it? If it had been available in January 2020, I probably would have taken the Entry-Level version instead of the Full version.

So, even though I passed the Full version quite well, I took the Entry-Level quiz for Software Engineering. Holy smokes.

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I absolutely more-than-qualify for the entry-level Externship program, and Triplebyte sent me the application form immediately. So, that’s fun. I’ll see what happens.

Update: Despite my high score, Triplebyte informed me that they could not find a match this cycle. That’s disappointing. 🙁

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