My longest-running project (2016-present): LMS analytics system, Part One

When I was 14, I was a happy homeschooled kid in a devout Catholic family, and I had been taking classes for two years from Homeschool Connections. I was quite ahead, doing 10th grade work and mathematics (Algebra 2, if I’m not mistaken). This was before homeschooling became more popular after the COVID-19 pandemic. Between … “Secure Everything” Hardware Box – Part Three: The MT3620 becomes an Arduino

If you haven’t read parts one and two of the series, I’d suggest reading them for some background. Long story short: I won a raffle and got a box of assorted hardware from in a contest from a Microsoft/AVnet collaboration. The deal was that over 20,000 people (including myself) received an AVnet Azure Sphere … “Secure Everything” Hardware Box – Part Two

I finished off with getting both the Intel Edison, Grove Kit, and Ti Launchpad running quite good, but there were some rough edges and more things to discover. Starting with the Intel Edison: I discovered that the Arduino IDE comes with a huge collection of Intel Edison sample sketches. I immediately went to WiFi(Edison) > … “Secure Everything” Hardware Box

Several months ago, the “Secure Everything with Azure Sphere” contest concluded. I didn’t win any prizes, but unexpectedly, I received an email saying that I was one of 20 winners for a box filled with “miscellaneous hardware” worth up to $200. I did not remember signing up for this raffle (neither did other contestants), …