Hello! I’m Gabriel Sieben, and I love doing projects with almost every type of technology I can get my hands on. I’ve worked with the Engineering Club at my local community college on an interactive sandbox installation, played around with an odd collection of equipment old and new, programmed a custom analytics system, and have installed Linux distributions since 2011. In 2020, I received my Workplace Writing Certificate from my community college and shortly after finished my A.A. degree as a PTK Honor Society member. In a side quest, I defeated the invasive Respondus Lockdown Browser my campus uses to prevent cheating without any computer programming in less than 10 minutes to demonstrate security problems. I’m a traditional Catholic and have blogged about website traffic to various Catholic websites, big and small. I currently reside in St. Paul, MN, and run this blog to share some of my projects with a wider audience. Take a look around!