Safari bug leaks cursor position between overlapping windows

Recently, I’ve built a navigation sidebar with Tailwind that changes appearance based on a CSS hover, and I’ve found a strange bug. I’ve found Safari will, under the right conditions, leak the cursor position during a click to completely different windows, underneath the window being clicked on.

Unfortunately, I can’t reproduce the above bug on demand. It’s happened multiple times for me, but I can’t make it happen whenever I want it to, which is frustrating and something I’m still looking into.

What I can reproduce with greater consistency is putting the mouse cursor into a position on the second window, and then typing into WordPress. This is an example after I completely quit Safari from recording the first video:

The only other thing of note, for anyone investigating, is that it also seems to happen when just moving the mouse cursor around, but while randomly pressing either Command or Option.

If anyone has any ideas for what is happening here or how to more consistently reproduce it, let me know. And also, hopefully, Apple sees this and makes sure that there isn’t anything else getting leaked across different windows.

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  1. I discovered the same issue also multiple times, and was able to reproduce the issue and made some video’s of it. I added a report with feedback assistant. Hopefully it will be picked up soon. At least it seems to be a Safari issue, not a global macOS issue.

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